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Photos Found!

I was sorting through some folders full of LAUERMAN stuff and found copies of 2 photos I used to have in electronic format and can no longer find. Thankfully, I printed them out years ago and thus had them to scan in again tonight to put online. Go to the Photos page and see if YOU can identify these photos and the people in them. I am going back to sorting through more papers in hopes of finding more treasures to share. Also I am sorry but I have forgotten who originally shared these photos with me. If it was YOU, please step forward and claim the credit that is due to you.

April 1, 2006

Today I got some copies of photos from Andrea and got them scanned and added to the Photos page. Rearranged some obits on the Obits page so they were in chronological order, and fixed the broken link on the Photos page that leads to the SCHOLL photo. I also removed all the rainbow NEW signs from the main page and created this blog to keep those who want to know about updates informed about them.

New Blog to Track Updates

This is where I will now tell the world about updates and additions made to the Looking for LAUERMANs website. Please be patient as I figure out this new Blog tool and see how it is going to work.

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